The Qualities (Safety, Rewards, and Law) are requirements for the proper maintenance of the Realms (freedom, opportunity and participation) in the Social Ape Framework. The Realms are the objectives, and the Qualities the means to achieve them.

The Qualities are social constructs and exist only through the practices of the society, they are inventions of social organisation. Were any society to be started by 1,000 people with complete amnesia about the past, they would have to develop these Qualities from scratch, be subsumed by another group that did a better job, or go extinct.

Qualities must be consistent across the society to be effective in creating the spaces of the Realms. This is already well understood and incorporated in concepts such as the Rule of Law which asserts that any Law applies equally to all, and in Rights and Equal Opportunities which apply equally to all. Less well consciously grasped, but nevertheless equally well unconsciously understood, is the importance of the constant value of rewards, both social and material.

Reliability of the Qualities is also essential; beyond their theoretical application they must also be seen to be in effect, to be a permanent and durable features of the social construct. This reliability is constantly under review by the members of a society because, intuitively, we all know that they are social constructs and are dependent on the assertion of the society for the maintenance of their manifestation.

Qualities are the foundations on which human societies rest and the basic contract for the committed involvement of the members in the project of their society is dependent on their perception of the constancy and reliability of these Qualities. The more universal and durable the Qualities are perceived to be the greater the effort, contribution, and acquiescence of the individual members in return.

While the Qualities create spaces (Realms) which are experienced by the members as Agencies, the true Purpose is to enable a social configuration that maximizes the society’s ability to take decisions (Elements).

  • Individuals experience greater Freedom when Safety is reliably assured, however the Purpose is to enable greater Diversity in the population.
  • When the rule of Law is durable individuals are enabled to Participate, and the social necessity of Cohesion is strengthened.
  • When the value of Rewards is reliably assured individuals are motivated by Opportunity to make their best contributions, and the social Purpose of maximizing Specialization is achieved.


Diversely specialized societies with strong cohesion are best placed to tackle new problems with inventive contributions from their diverse population implemented by all for the benefit of all. The ultimate Purpose of the Qualities is to motivate the most Diverse population to create the most highly Specialized solutions to accurately Perceived problems which are wisely Selected and fully Implemented by a Cohesive society.

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