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Proper Change is a web site dedicated to expanding awareness of the options for socially, economically and naturally sustainable human society.

Proper Change is an adjunct to the Standards of LIFE movement, and it’s UK specific version (UK LIFE).


This site is edited and moderated by Andrew Percy.

As the coordinator of the policy framework for LIFE, Andrew has been a driving force in the setup and formation of the LIFE movements. His interest in politics started in 1980’s and has continued ever since, manifesting first in the development of the Standards of LIFE, and then in the formation of the UK LIFE Party in 2013.
Born in Malawi to British parents, his father was a businessman in Africa. Educated in Britain from 1970 to 1980, Andrew then spent a year in Egypt teaching, followed by stints at various financial firms in Hong Kong and London, passing his London Stock Exchange exams in 1983. In 1984 he moved into the computer industry full-time, specialising in computing for business and computer network design.
In 1986 Andrew formed Positive Beat Records with two partners in Ladbroke Grove, the label produced Britain’s first home grown Hip-Hop album, “Known 2 be Down”, in 1987.
In 1992 Andrew moved to California USA, starting JustWorks Computer Services in Silicon Valley in 1996.
Andrew has two sons. He now lives in London.

In 2016 Andrew formed the Social Prosperity Knowledge Network at the Institute for Global Prosperity at UCL with Henrietta Moore. The output from the SPN can be found at ubs-hub.org 



info @ properchange.org

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