Overcoming the inherent risks in complex decision taking is the foundational purpose of society. We are the species that has maximised the value of complex decision taking by leveraging diversity to reduce the primary risks of misperception, ineptitude, and equivocation.

Elements – clickable
Solve Perceive Select Implement

The Elements are:

To see problems accurately and then solve them with the most adept solutions implemented properly is the ultimate function of society.

The Social Ape framework represents the risk reduction Elements in the intersections between the Realms. In any Elemental region two primary Realms overlap to describe the combination of Qualities that must be present to enable the Element, but the model also represents the third boundary signifying the important absence of the third Realm for the proper function of the Element.

The risks are serial so reduced function at any stage in the process from perception through solution, selection and implementation defines the maximum degree of risk reduction. Using the Social Ape model requires this metric to be deduced from a configuration because it is possible to arrange the model so that any Element is larger than others and even in its optimal configuration the Implementation Element will be slightly larger than any of the contributory Elements.

Modern Metamorphosis of Purpose

The primary purpose of optimal social configuration was competitive advantage in the context of infinite potential capacities. Now the primary purpose of optimal social configuration is coordinated survival within the context of finite capacity.

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