Common Ground for Proper Change

Convert social security into services, making local communities responsible for delivery, paid for from national income taxes dedicated to this purpose.

Human societies across the globe must align their structures and practices with conformity to human nature if they are to become socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

To clarify what a sustainable human society looks like, we endorse the following guidelines.

  1. Every citizen must be unconditionally secure in their basic needs for shelter and sustenance.
  2. The most productive societies will include as much education, healthcare, transport, and information services as possible in their universal services, bringing the monetary cost of a basic life as close to zero as possible.
  3. The cost of providing universal safety to every citizen is funded by taxes raised at the highest level possible, and spent at the lowest level possible.
  4. Vibrant, multi-layered democracies operating within a common constitutional structure are necessary to both manage and unleash the capacity of humankind for innovation and development.
  5. The essential personal freedoms required for active democracy require that the governmental structures of society operate secularly, and with a universal rule of law.

Following these guidelines for human society will deliver these benefits:

  1. Lower costs through the absorption of subsistence labour value into universal service provision.
  2. Increased production through the liberation of micro activity and the maximisation of human capital.
  3. Freedom from corporate and financial dependencies through the assumption of communal responsibility for basic social safety.
  4. A larger life for every citizen, in a culture with richer diversity and effervescent experimentation.
  5. The permeation of common purpose throughout society, welling out of the basic safety afforded to everyone.

A relatively subtle rearrangement of social safety provisioning will set loose the forces that will generate wider structural change, because it allows the greater capacities of the greater part of the population to arise and develop beyond mere survival.

By enabling the contribution of social effort we resolve the formula for adequate social provision funded by a reasonable tax burden, sustainably financing the society we want to live in, and allowing for investment in the future.

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