Freedom – Effort – Diversity

The Realm created by Safety provides individuals with the agency of Freedom in return for a reciprocal contribution of social Effort.
The purpose of the realm is to foster Diversity because diversity enhances the functions of perception and solution development Elements.


A group that establishes greater Safety for an individual than they can for themselves increases the Freedom of the individual from threats to their wellbeing and provides the physical, emotional and psychological space within which that individual can develop their own capacities beyond mere survival. The deeper and broader the Safety provided the more the individuals can develop their unique capacities.


The reciprocal expectation is that the individual will make social efforts to support the society. We don’t have to consciously develop this contract because millennia of evolution has baked this into our natural impulses, however it is useful if society is arranged so that it makes making this Effort as easily as possible. Because much of the effort needed revolves around kin care our natural instincts kick in to make this reciprocity autonomic, but there is also Effort required in so many social areas that facilitating a wide range of contributions from a diverse community is essential to creating the concrete manifestation of social spaces and Saftey.
Group orientated species are alive to the “free rider” risk and have developed social mechanisms to control this.
Most modern societies complicate and confuse our natural reciprocity by providing Safety through the distribution of money which is actually part of the Rewards Realm and that risks signaling to the recipient that they have made their contribution and signaling to the providers that they are rewarding non-contribution. Safety is an unconditional Quality of society established as a preconditional activator of reciprocity and to maintain the natural reciprocity response should be delivered as in-kind services, not money.


The purpose of the Realm created by Safety is to foster the manifestation of diverse aptitudes, skills, abilities and perspectives that arise naturally in every new individual as a result of their unique genetic makeup.
Diversity is the advantage of a group over an individual in complex decision taking. Diversity in a population arises naturally and if the differences can be allowed to flourish whilst the different individuals retain identification with the group and a means of sharing their particularities with others in the group then the group entity can develop a greater capability through the combination of different individuals than any individual could on their own.
In surmounting the risks of complex decision-taking diversity in a group population makes the greatest capability enhancements in the areas of perception and solution development.
When fora can be created that allow for the effective sharing of perspectives then the group can develop more accurate perceptions of problems by pooling the different perceptions of a diverse community, and because solution development is dependent on accurate problem description in the first place this enhanced perception is a vitally important first step on the road to mitigating the risks of complex decision taking.
Once a problem is defined the next step is to develop the best solution to the problem and here diversity as the progenitor of Specialisation comes into play. A diverse group that motivates solution development in a free space that supports innovation will be more likely to develop better (more adept) solutions than a group with less diversity or less motivation. Because individuals enabled to specialise according to their proclivities will develop more detailed and nuanced understandings of specific aspects of the world they will be able to develop more adept solutions to problems that arise in their specialist area.

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