Opportunity – Taxes – Specialisation

The Realm created by Rewards provides individuals with the agency of Opportunity in return for a reciprocal contribution of social Taxes.
The purpose of the realm is to foster Specialisation because specialisation enhances the functions of solution development and selection Elements.


A group that establishes durable systems of Rewards increases the Opportunity for the individuals to increase their status and provides the physical, emotional and psychological motivation for individuals to develop their own unique capabilities.


The reciprocal expectation is that the individual will return a portion of their Rewards to support the society (taxes).
We don’t have to consciously develop this contract because millennia of evolution has baked this into our natural impulses, however it is useful if society is arranged so that it makes making these return contributions as easily as possible. However this reciprocity is less autonomic than the response to Safety and does require the support of Law to be properly effective. This is made easier because it is only the force of Law that gives Rewards any value (legitimacy) and so any recipient of Rewards is codependent on the Quality of the Law for the sustenance of the value of their Rewards.
Opportunity is a conditional Quality of society established as a conditional activator of contribution and to maintain the natural reciprocity response Rewards should be constrained for use as such. Most modern societies complicate and confuse our natural reciprocity by providing Safety through the distribution of money which is actually perceived as a Reward because it satisfies nothing of itself and is merely symbolic. When Safety is assured unconditionally then the taxation of Rewards acquires a legitimacy that it is robbed of when money as used to provide Safety.


The purpose of the Realm created by Rewards is to maximize the benefit to the group of the diverse aptitudes, skills, abilities and perspectives that arise naturally in every new individual as a result of their unique genetic makeup. Individuals motivated to specialise according to their proclivities will develop more detailed and nuanced understandings of specific aspects of the world and be able to develop more adept solutions to problems that arise in their specialist area.
The Opportunity provided by Rewards facilities the greater effort and persistence through greater adversities than is required for normal life or embedded in the social effort reciprocated for Safety.
The larger a society becomes the deeper the specialisation it requires to maintain its complex physical and social infrastructures and the more important systems of Rewards that motivate individuals to specialise become.
Because the risks of complex decision taking include both solution development and selection from potential solutions for implementation, the Opportunity to gain Rewards through the practice of effective selection becomes a specialisation in its own right. Solution specialists are by their very nature ill disposed to select from amongst a set of potential solutions by the specialised development of their proclivities and so successful groups develop a separate function for selection which is more likely to include individuals with experience in multiple specialist areas who are also able to evaluate the wider interests of the group and the maintenance of the Qualities alongside the adroitness of the solution to the problem. This is what we commonly call “politics” today. As a nod to the dangers of allowing egotistical accumulation to influence the selection process the Opportunities in the selection Element are more commonly for social Rewards conveying social status and appreciation, such as titles, than for material rewards.

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