Participation – Acquiescence – Cohesion

The Realm created by Law provides individuals with the agency of Participation in return for a reciprocal contribution of Acquiescence to the Law and the decisions taken socially.
The purpose of the realm is to foster Cohesion because diversity can only enhance the decision taking functions of the group when the individuals make their contributions to the group rather than reserve them for themselves.


A group that establishes the rule of Law provides the structures that enable the individuals to participate in the society through sharing their perspectives and selecting potential solutions for group implementation.
At its most fundamental the Agency of Law is felt as freedoms to participate, to contribute, to vote in selections, to enter and exit public fora safely, to express oneself, to be recognised as a valid member of the group by right. These agencies rest also on the Quality of Safety in society and the freedom from violence by other individual group members and freedom from unnecessary intrusions into the private sphere of the group’s members by the Law itself.


The reciprocal expectation is that the individual will acquiesce to the Law themselves and respect communal decisions taken.
We don’t have to consciously develop this contract because millennia of evolution has baked this into our natural impulses, however it is useful if society is arranged so that it makes acquiescence as easily as possible. Because much of the required acquiescence is an reflection of protecting our own safety our natural instincts kick in to make this reciprocity mostly autonomic. Laws have become so embedded in human societies that they are socially asserted in the main, with only minimal institutional overhead.
While enforcement of the group’s Laws always rests ultimately on the use of violence, the advanced complex decision taking group orientated species have developed social mechanisms to enforce Laws through the removal of Rewards and/or Safety, social ostracism and use violence only as a last resort.
It is worth bearing in mind here that it is entirely evolutionarily functional for a small subset (~3%) of any group to maintain a divergent mentality that provides an survival insurance policy against mass psychosis, and that therefore there can always be expected to be a subset of the group that will not acquiesce easily to the Law. It is a hallmark of the advanced practice of society that this diversity is tolerated as much as possible and acts as a restraint on the overreach of Law beyond its useful function as an enabler of participation and creator of cohesion — not as a reason for division.


The purpose of the Realm created by Law is to foster the Cohesion of diverse individuals in the groups perception and selection processes.
Diversity is the advantage of a group over an individual in complex decision taking but that advantage is only realised when the group maintains the necessary degree of Cohesion in its membership that the individuals contribute their perspectives and capabilities to the group. The different individuals must retain identification with the group and have access to means of sharing their particularities with others in the group.
In surmounting the risks of complex decision taking the cohesion of the group is most critical in the areas of perception and solution selection.
When fora can be created that allow for the effective sharing of perspectives then the group can develop more accurate perceptions of problems by pooling the different perceptions of a diverse community. Effective solution selection is dependent on consideration of the consequences of any potential solution on the whole configuration of society and all the Qualities and so the participation of the full diversity of the society is most likely to encompass the necessary breadth of perspectives that will the maximise the reduction of risk.

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